Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olaf Selle

Expert of Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik and Eisenbahn-Bundesamt
Publicly appointed independent counsel of Saxon´s board of engineers

Prof. Olaf Selle graduated from the former Leipzig Technical University as a civil engineer in 1972. After working on various research projects, he started working for the Institut für Ingenieur- und Tiefbau Leipzig of the Bauakademie of the former GDR. Moving up step by step in this test and research house, he eventually in 1989 became the director, guarding about 400 employees at that time. …

Dr.-Ing. Ricky Selle

Dipl.-Wirtsch. Ingenieur 
Beratender Ingenieur und Qualifizierter Tragwerksplaner der Ingenieurkammer Sachsen

Dr. Ricky Selle graduated in 2000 from Leipzig University after studying civil engineering in combination with business administration while working at the Institut für Massivbau, Prof. Gert König. After being employed at the KHP Leipzig for one year with the focus on concrete and steel constructions, he moved on to the Ohio University and worked on various research projects in the field of concrete pavement for a total of two years. …