In the field of product development, in most cases our consultancy results in approvals of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). Based on the work of announced expert Prof. Olaf Selle in the board of rainwater and sewer systems, we especially focus on approval processes for buried construction products and related renovation techniques. 

Within this field, we focus on defining requirements in approval processes for new products. The following approvals were issued with our consultancy or are in the process of being issued: 

  • Rainwater infiltration units – plastic cubic and arch-shaped products, first DIBt approvals
  • Sewer pipes for special applications – plastic pipes for pipe driving, pipes with special sealant requirements, high duty pipes
  • Renovation techniques for sewer pipes – spirally wound pipes, first DIBt approval, cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) for pressure applications and flexible slip-lining pipes, first DIBt approval processes, respectively

Furthermore, we provide consultancy for various manufacturers, in developing European assessment documents for their products according to the construction products regulation (CPR).

For special applications with railroad loads, Prof. Olaf Selle as an announced expert of the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt is currently respectively consulting a manufacturer for structured-wall designed pipes and a manufacturer of CIPP in the first German approval processes.

For testing products and materials we primarily collaborate with the test houses MFPA Leipzig and IMA Dresden.

Prof. Olaf Selle and Dr. Ricky Selle are members in the following work groups for national and international standardization.

  • DWA – Work sheets A 127, A 143-2 (structural analysis) and A 144 (renovation techniques) plus group ES-5.9 (structural analysis of manholes)
  • CEN - TC 155/WG 26 (plastic infiltration units) including German mirror committee
  • ISO - TC 138/SC 8/WG 2 and WG 6 (CIPP in sewers for non-pressure and pressure applications) including German mirror committees

We provide structural analysis for buried construction products such as pipes, manholes and containers made of reinforced concrete, steel and plastic. As licensed professional engineers in this field we check calculations made from others. For already existing structure we evaluate residual life time based on material testing and calculations.

As a member of a consortium of 7 partners, started in 2017, we will investigate the feasibility of using CIPP in the renovation of district heating pipes.  This project is funded with approx. 2 Million Euro by the German Federal Ministry of Economy.

Starting in 2018 we collaborate with HTWK Leipzig in a research project for construction products made of geopolymer. We believe in the enormous potential of this innovative and green material in products for technical infrastructure. The German Federal Ministry of Economy supports this project with approx. 200.000 Euro.

For our calculations we use the following software packages:

  • TRIMAS, RIB Software AG
  • RSTAB and RFEM, Ingenieur-Software Dlubal GmbH
  • EasyPipe, IngSoft GmbH