Selle Consult is a consulting firm focusing on technical challenges in the context of product development as well as in the installation of buried construction products such as pipes, manholes or containers. Against the background of technical infrastructure, which is presently, in various areas of Europe, reaching the end of its design life cycle, another focus is the development and implementation of renovation techniques for exactly those products.

Our key competence is the evaluation of mechanical product properties with regards to the performance of the static system in interaction with the surrounding soil. One key subject of ours is plastic products. Concerning the analyzation and calculation of structural integrity of these products, we are one of the leading firms in Europe.

Within the context of product development we work as consultants in national and European approval processes or in private certifications by participating in the relevant boards of Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik or Eisenbahn-Bundesamt. While doing this, we have achieved a profound knowledge of actual standards which is based on our contributions to national and international standardization committees. We can offer excellent connections to various accredited German test houses.

Another field of ours is the providence of expertise in law suits either in the field of geotechnical engineering as well as water and sewer networks, where Prof. Olaf Selle is a publicly appointed independent counsel.

We present our experiences and perspectives at selected conferences or in relevant technical papers.